Videography & Media Transfers in Norwood, MA

A Division of Norwood Media Group

Few notes about DVD and Mini DVD:

Cameras that captured to disc also had to be “Finalized” before a disc could be played on a computer or DVD player. We often receive Mini DVD’s from clients that are not Finalized and cant be converted with conventional methods. Footage can typically be viewed on the camera it was shot with, but the disc cant be played on anything else. Below are the possible options for converting discs that are not (yet) finalized:

Data Recovery: Our first attempt at conversion is with data recovery software. We have had great success with 3 industry standard data recovery software programs but some discs just cant be “read”.

Via Camera Capture: If a client provides us with the EXACT same camera the footage was captured with, as well as the AC adapter and AV video cable that came with the camera, this is the simplest method and is similar to how we ingest VHS tapes.

Finalize The Discs: If above option doesn't work and client does have the original camera, we will send discs back with client to be finalized. We will not finalize client discs.