Videography & Media Transfers in Norwood, MA

A Division of Norwood Media Group

Norwood Video offers a simple solution for transferring your media to digital format. We can transfer most formats of Video, Photographs, Slides, Computer Recover and Repair, plus more. All transfers are done in our office in Norwood MA.

Video media is converted to MP4 video files, photos & slides to JPEG files. For information on Computer recovery and upgrades, Click Here

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Videotapes, Film Reels, DVD’s

$20 per media (tape/reel/disc)

Photos & Slides

$0.50 Each

Data Transfer

$100 per drive/computer

Data Recovery

$200 per drive/computer

15% Discount Applied To:

25 or more items

Rates above include conversion of your media to digital format. Clients may provide us with a USB Flash Drive or portable hard drive for their converted files, or have their converted files added to a DVD or NEW USB Flash Drive for additional fee’s below;

DVD: $10 per DVD. DVD’s can hold up to 2 hours of video.

USB: $20 per USB. USB will contain all your converted files. USB size will be determined by project size, but cost is the same.

Should I get DVD or USB?

VHS Tapes

VHS-C Tapes

MiniDV Tapes

Video8 Tapes

Hi8 Tapes

Digital8 Tapes

Polavision Tapes

8MM Film Reels

16MM Film Reels

MiniDVD Disc

DVD Disc



Hard Drives

Windows Laptops

Windows PC’s

Data Recovery

Hard Drive Replacements

Computer Wipe/Reset